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Transcripts & Documentation Requests

If you are in need of transcripts from GHS or another form of documentation, please contact our school counseling office by calling 804-693-2526. This is an automated service and be sure to make the appropriate selection for the school counseling department.

Here is a link to the transcript request form for you to download/print/view.

Fight Song

Oh we will fight, fight, fight for Gloucester,
Oh we will fight unto the end
Oh we will fight, fight, fight for Gloucester,
Never to give in.
And when the Dukes march on in triumph
Victory is their cry
Stand and hear the loyal cheer
For the red, gold, and white.

Alma Mater

We sing our Alma Mater
And praise thy glorious name
We join in mighty chorus
To laud thy halls of fame

Sing hail to Thee, Sing hail to Thee
Loud let your voices cry
With loyal adoration
For dear old Gloucester High.

We'll fill our hearts with gladness
And never shall it die.

Author and composer: W. Raleigh Wells