GHS Attendance Procedures

GHS Attendance Procedures
Welcome to Gloucester High School 2021-2022 school year.  As the school year begins we would like to highlight to students/parents/guardians the GHS Attendance Policy. Regular attendance is such an important factor in academic achievement and we would like all of our students to reach their full potential. A complete explanation of Gloucester County Schools Attendance Policy can be found in this year’s Student Code of Conduct book (pages 11-15).
The GHS Attendance Office must receive notes regarding a student’s absence within three (3) school days after the absence occurs or the absence will be classified as unexcused.  All Notes should include student name, Id number, grade and current phone number.

Excused absences definition:

  • Illness – When a student is unable to attend school due to an illness, a note written by the parent or a physician documenting the illness must be presented within three (3) days of the student’s return to school.

  • Family Death – When a student is absent because of death in the family, the parent must notify the school and provide documentation for the absence within three (3) days of the student’s return to school.

  • Court or Agency– When a student is absent because of an appointment with the court, social services, or other state agencies, official documentation from the court or agency must be presented to the school.

  • Religious Observances – Absences as a result of religious holidays should be prearranged by the parent, the parent is responsible for notifying the student’s school of the religious holidays to be observed.

  • Suspensions/Exclusions – When a student is absent due to a suspension or exclusion, the parent will ensure the student returns to school on the student’s date of return as specified by the school administration.

Tardiness and Early Dismissals:  Three (3) unexcused tardies to the same class may be counted as one full day unexcused absence.  Any student who misses more than fifty (50) percent of a class period will be counted as absent for that class.  Please remember an excused tardy/dismissal is the same as listed above.

Tardy notes must be turned in to the Attendance Office upon arriving to school and students must sign in at the Attendance Office to obtain a pass to class.  Students must be in first block class at 7:40 when the tardy bell rings.

Dismissal notes must be turned in to the Attendance Office by first period.  A parent/guardian contact number must be included in the note for verification.  The Attendance office will call to verify the note then send the student a dismissal note so the student can be ready for pick up upon parent arrival.  If the student is driving this will be verified by the parent/guardian and the student will need to sign out at the welcome desk prior to leaving school.

High School course credit: In order to remain eligible for course credit, students are limited to eight (9) absences per class (limited to sixteen (18) in yearlong every day class). Students exceeding these absences per class may forfeit credit for the course regardless of their course grade, but may earn credit through one of the following recovery options:
a) Repeat the course successfully in summer school, or
b) Repeat the course successfully in a subsequent school term.

Attendance Waiver
The attendance policy will be enforced and proper documentation will be needed for a request for a waiver of the attendance regulation.  At the end of the school year waivers will be considered for extenuating circumstances (circumstances beyond the parent’s and/or student’s control) personal illness, death in the immediate family, required court appearances, official college visits and bona fide religious observances. When considering whether to grant a waiver, the student’s entire history (attendance, academic, and discipline) will be considered. Parents are responsible for completing the necessary documentation within guidelines outlined on page 12 of the Student Code of Conduct. Unverified absences within the appropriate timeframe will not be considered for an attendance waiver at the end of the school year.